Common Sense Solutions for Maryland

We need common sense solutions to problems based on research and data, not politics. The polarization in our country, exacerbated by the last election campaign, has left the U.S. Congress practically unable to act. We must learn to talk to each other, to be open to new and different ideas, and to refuse to stifle civil discourse. Maryland can move forward even if Washington, D.C., can't!



Expanding our economy and creating more good jobs must be our first priority. Maryland has suffered from a reputation as a difficult place to do business, and that needs to change. We can and must protect workers' rights, respect our environment, and make Maryland a top choice for businesses.

Quality of Life

We must protect the rural lifestyle and natural beauty that make the district such a wonderful place to live. High density development in eastern Howard County is already taxing our roads and schools. Infrastructure must keep pace with development, and funds must be earmarked for preservation of farmland and open space.


Our public school school system is more vital than ever before, and it must prepare students for a rapidly changing and complex world. We must prioritize education and work to erase the inequities that remain in our schools. We must also address the vast but hidden problem of adult illiteracy and innumeracy, and offer resources to adults willing to restart their education.

Health Care

We must manage health care costs while ensuring access to high-quality care. Here in Maryland, we have been and can continue to craft innovative solutions at the state level to ensure affordable health care.

Support Local Agriculture

Agriculture is Maryland's second largest industry, and our district is home to more than 300 farms. As the area's population grows, Freedom-To-Farm laws must be strengthened to protect farmers and ensure the long-term sustainability of this vital economic sector. 

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